Procrastination warns you the goal is small

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Procrastination warns you the goal is small


Procrastination cuts across all areas of our lives, effectively denying us the birthright. We put together our goals feeling accomplished at the prospect of arriving at them and then… well, we take a few steps forward, snooze our alarms for an extra 15-30 minutes of sleep, push forward a deadline, put off one thing or other and before too long a majority of us ponder over why our desired results take so long to manifest.

You see; because we are dynamic beings, other factors such as beliefs, childhood conditioning, and social programming negatively affect our results. In many cases, our own habits block the realisation of greatest of wants.

Procrastination is a habit that plagues even the best of us, however a deeper understanding of what it robs us of goes a long way in giving us a much needed kick in the behind to get us moving toward our worthy ideals.

By natural law, vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other. This means that whatever we focus on, we attract. Conversely, what we do not focus on, we do not attract. When we procrastinate we attract a delay in results.

Whenever we put off anything, we are saying to the universe: “Oh, its alright… later is fine with me” and the universe does exactly that, it delivers results much, much later.


If that’s not what you desire, you want to carefully examine your mindset on the objects, tasks, chores that you habitually procrastinate on. Most likely, it is your view of the chore that’s holding you from enjoying the results that it would earn you.

Remember that successful people are up there because they have formed the habit of doing the things that failures do not like to do. When creating goals, it is vital to consider that the purpose of a goal is to grow — to make good use of a higher plane of the infinite potential resident in you.

If the goal doesn’t embody growth as a benefit of achievement, the motivation to achieve it is not going to be strong enough to inspire one to make the effort, let alone pay the price of achieving it.

We have the regular tasks and chores that we undertake; like writing a report on weekly performance, projections for the next quarter…. We know how to do these and can usually estimate how long it takes to accomplish them. These are our ‘A’ goals.

Then there are those goals that with a little more than regular effort, we think we have it in us to achieve like upgrade our car to a better, newer model, go back to school, buy a house, or finally ask that stunningly beautiful woman out to dinner.

These are our ‘B’ goals. Accomplishing them makes our hearts beat a little faster as we enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the anxiety of our new expectations of achieving them.

The big cahunas are the goals that we do not think that we have it in us to accomplish. We call them dreams, fantasies and refer to them only as wishes — not with any real intention of ever going after them.

Starting a business, buying a mansion in a leafy suburb, achieving financial independence, owning a private jet, or whatever is worthy of us all fall under this category. We usually haven’t the slightest clue where the resources required will come from to achieve these goals. That’s why we refer to them as fantasies.

These are the types of goals that significantly move us from where we are to where we truly desire to be (Oh! and that’s a great book by Jack Canfield I would recommend you study, NOT read, if you haven’t).

Never mind about the ‘how’, however far-fetched your dream is. Bear in mind that when we create images in our conscious minds, we expressly instruct our feeling mind (our subconscious) to emotionalise those images.

It is our feelings that instruct our physical bodies to move toward the creation of the images (our fantasies).

Dream goals literally drive us. They ensure that we do not ever touch the snooze buttons on our alarm clocks, miss those all-important networking events, skip exercise sessions, indulge in that sinfully rich chocolate cake….

When we procrastinate, the lesson we are required to learn is that the goal is not big enough to grow us, the achievement of the goal is shallow and, therefore, not worthy of us.

Let’s approach the procrastination challenge with the end in mind.

Set goals big, hairy, audacious goals that move you towards the kind of massive actions that produce the results that you want.

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