Prominent city lawyer detained over defilement of his six children

The father of 11 is being held at the Parklands police station as police start investigations after one of his children confessed to nurses that he had defiled her several times.

Medics at the M.P. Shah Hospital reported the allegations to the police after the lawyer took the children for medical check-ups.

What raised eyebrows was the fact that the polygamous lawyer who hails from Eastern part of the country allegedly lied to medics at the hospital that the children were adults and he wanted them tested for STIs and HIV.

The tests were supposedly to be conducted on five children he had brought to the hospital, starting with a boy and two girls, as the remaining two waited in the car with the house help.

The medics said the nature of the tests sought by the respected lawyer left them wondering why he was insisting that the children were adults yet they were underage and the eldest was aged 14 and the youngest six.

The 14-year-old girl reportedly told the medics that the lawyer was her uncle turned guardian and that he had allegedly been defiling her, which prompted the medics to call the police.

The children were rescued by police and spent the night at the hospital and were later taken into protective custody.

A detective from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ child protection services was later seen at the police station and it is believed she took the lawyer’s fingerprints signaling that a probe had been launched into the claims.

The lawyer lost one of his wives in July 2017.

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