Real estate has positive impact on agriculture and national unity

New York was once a bush that nobody ever admired to live in.

Great minds with a vision then came up with a plan that made one of the largest and beautiful cities in the world what it is.

There has been scarcity of land in Nairobi and, therefore, many developers prefer its outskirts.

But the idea of affordable housing is achievable if developers looked outside the box and invaded rural settings.

As per the devolution agenda, development is supposed to be everywhere countrywide.

Development has never been classified as a destination; rather, it is a journey that first begin from the inner being to the plan and then put into place by action.

We have all the resources required to erase Kenya from the third world countries’ list to the first world one.

Where estates and towns crop up, businesses boom and there happen inter-community interactions which enhance national unity and cohesion.

Many farmers are bawling due to lack of market for their produce. Thinking outside the box and seeing the bigger picture can offer market to the farmers by investing in land for real estate.

Where there are estates and residential flats, there is a ready market because people living in those set-ups will need food and milk, hence benefiting the farmers.

Access to farm produce for those located in the inner zones is often difficult due to poor roads, which can all change if real estate developers took up the idea to develop the rural areas.

In addition, the youth will find farming an interesting job because anything that pays is worth doing. It will boost small-scale farming and many homesteads will have a happy life free of poverty.

The United States has towns and cities in different states; the same can happen here, where every county has a city. Imagine a city within an upcountry county!

Real estate often comes with limitations like pollution through sewers, so adequacy of land in rural areas makes it easy for the public and the private sectors to build a garbage processing plant.

These plants can recycle the waste into biogas, which is friendly to the environment.

As for the sewage, the waste can go through purification and the water then be stored for irrigation during the dry season.

It is time we made Kenya a metropolitan and agricultural country, where we support each other like the poles and chains in a fence.

Supporting the farmers, for instance, will give them the morale to practise advanced agriculture.

Real estate will also enhance cultural interactions because different communities will spread out and settle anywhere in the country, eliminating the regional tribal blocks that bring about ethnicity-based politics.

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