Residents on ‘neglected’ Kilifi border want to move to Kwale

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Thousands of residents of Mitangani Location which lies in one of the interior parts of Bamba in Kilifi County are contemplating relocating to neighbouring Kwale County, citing neglect and discrimination.

The locals said they do not see any meaning of devolution and accused the current administration in Kilifi of spending most of its time doing politics.

William Kazungu, a resident, said the Constitution should be amended to have Mitangani Location be moved to Kwale County.

“We are still living as if there is no devolution. Or lives are miserable yet we have our elected leaders who are supposed they take care of us but they have failed us. We have become beggars in Kwale County,” said Mr Kazungu.

He added that the daily politicking by local leaders does not add value to their lives.


“We are telling Governor Kingi that we will not eat politics. Our children will not learn politics and politics will not build schools for them. You have concentrated very much on talking about ODM politics but we are saying enough is enough; we want to go to go where we will access services,” he said.

Majority of residents of Ndarako are from the minority Watta community which has for years complained of discrimination.

Food and water shortage, lack of good a learning environment for their children, lack of hospitals and a poor road network are some of the things that make the residents feel neglected.

They say many bright children have lost a chance to join secondary schools due to lack of bursaries while Form Four leavers had no option but join the boda boda business and that these are some of the reason the locals believe they are not part of Kilifi County.

At the same time, mothers have lamented about their unsuccessful efforts to get birth certificates for their children even after spending thousands of shillings travelling to the Kilifi registration offices.

Regina Barisa says Kilifi is too far for parents to go for birth certificates.

“The bus fare from Ndarako to Kilifi is Sh2,000 one way and children in Class Seven and Eight have been forced to drop out of school because it is a requirement before they are registered for the KCPE examinations. Most of the families here are not able to raise the transport money alone,” said Barisa.

She says that currently, about 15 pupils are out of school due to lack of birth certificates and that some Class Eight pupils have not been registered for KCPE exams.

Sidi Kalama, a widow who sells the local mnazi liquor at Ndarako trading centre says three of her children do not have birth certificates.

“It is expensive and time wasting to travel to Kilifi to get the birth certificate. Someone approached me and promised to help me get it but he also didn’t manage,” said Ms Kalama.

The residents say they have been forced to take their children to schools in Kwale County.

They also seek treatment in Kwale hospitals and fetch water from there.

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