Retired IG Boinett trades gun for the Bible – Nairobi News

Exiting Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has revealed that he will devote much of his time serving in the church after retiring from the service.

Although he has been appointed Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, Boinnet says much of his retirement time will be dedicated to fulfilling his ‘mzee wa kanisa’ responsibilities at the African Inland Church (AIC), Langata where he has been ordained to serve as a church elder.

“I got to know of my appointment (as the IG) when I was in church and I felt good. Here is where I drive my strength. I will be more active in the church, more active farming, looking after my livestock and see my kids go to school,” Boinett said.


Boinnet, who joined the police service in 1994, had his four-year tenure as the second police boss end officially on Monday during the swearing in of his successor Hillary Mutyambai.

Boinnet’s tenure was blighted by the dusit D2 attack of January 2018, in which 21 people died, and the Garissa University attack of April 2015, which claimed 148 lives. These two rank among the deadliest terror attacks in the history of Kenya.

However, the outgoing police boss said he leaves with his head held high, convinced that he served the nation to the best of his abilities and knowledge.

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