Rose Muhando gearing up for major comeback, to drop album in June

Veteran Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando is gearing up for a major comeback and is set to release a new album in June.

The music star who took to social media to make the announcement affirmed that her musical hiatus was over and that the highly-anticipated album will feature praise and worship songs.

Muhando, in the widely shared post, thanked her fans for being in her corner and welcoming her back despite it all.

“Imekuwa kimya sana tangu nitoe wimbo wangu wa Yesu Karibu Kwangu. Kwanza ningependa nitoe shukrani zangu kwenu nyie watumishi wa Mungu kwa mapokezi makubwa sana. Ila kikubwa ningependa kuwajuza mwezi June naachia album yangu mpya. Hii album ina nyimbo za kuabudu na kusifu. Naombeni mnipokee kwa hili linalokuja.Mungu awabariki,” wrote the Utamu Wa Yesu hitmaker.

Known for her electric on-stage performance, Muhando was on the spotlight for the better part of 2019 after it emerged that she was ill and troubled after falling out with her management.

“My downfall was caused by my manager who I fell out with because he wanted sex and I couldn’t give it to him. He embarked on a tarnishing spree and he destroyed my name,” the singer revealed at an interview with a local radio station.

“Those saying I aborted I wonder where you got that from. I have the ability to hide my pregnancy from the public eye and even given birth without anyone knowing. What I fear is sinning in the process of getting pregnant. Other than that, I’m not afraid. What pissed me off the most was that even some of my fellow musicians went on social media to post that I had aborted. Where did that come from?” she added.

Prior to the clarification, a video emerged online purporting to show her exorcism at Neno Evangelism Centre, Nairobi conducted by the church’s controversial founder, Pastor James Ng’ang’a.

During the ‘exorcism’, demons – real or imagined – ‘conversing through the Ndivyo Ulivyo songbird’ claimed they had been sent by one of her adversaries.

“We took all her cars and property. We even managed to drive her out of her home for three months now. We are ten of us pitching camp in her body. We also vowed to scuttle her attempts at trying to regain her feet in music. We’ve placed a demonic object in her, which has completely killed her talent. You know, when she sings [for God], she spoils our business,” she said.

Later on, the mother of three revealed that she has no recollection on what transpired at the church.

“Pastor Ng’ang’a invited me to his church. I had reported a day earlier. However, on the day the video was shot, I had a lot of pain in my stomach and he told me he would pray for me. I blacked out after the first three words and to date-I still cannot tell what transpired,” she said.

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