Ruto Addresses Absence from Uhuru’s Covid-19 Briefings [VIDEO]

A section of Kenyans have been asking where Deputy President William Ruto has been every time President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a briefing on the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

In an address from his Karen home on Thursday, April 9, Ruto disclosed that he and the president had been in constant communication on how best to help the country in the midst of the pandemic.

“You may want to ask yourself why the president and his deputy cannot travel in the same equipment at any one time and in a situation like this, I think the answer to that question may help you understand why we have the situation we have at the moment.

“For the record, we consult regularly, almost daily for the president and all the other ministers that are carrying out the various tasks in the management of this pandemic and that is the position of the Jubilee administration,” Ruto stated.

Deputy President William Ruto addressing a gathering, February 17, 2020.
Deputy President William Ruto addressing a gathering, February 17, 2020./DPPS
Further, the DP stated that the government had been using video conferencing and teleconferencing in its operations in order to keep social distancing.

Ruto has been missing during pressers, prompting a section of Kenyans to raise doubts on whether he and the president were in good terms.

“Finally William Ruto resurfaces today to address the nation. Never seen a Deputy Commander in chief who hides during a national crisis. He should better have enough reasons for disappearing, hiding and abdicating duty at the time of a national crisis while drawing salary,” Twitter user Abraham Mutahi stated.

“Guys I don’t care about lockdown extension or April 16, but want to know where is our deputy president? ” one Mphile questioned prior to Ruto’s address.

During the address, Ruto urged Kenyans to strictly adhere to measures announced by the government in a bid to combat the spread of the virus.

“This crisis has completely disrupted our lives and taken away everything we took for granted. Normal is a word that we have to unlearn,” he stated.

Below is the video of Ruto’s address:

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