Ruto is on his way out of Jubilee party, claims Kiunjuri

Former CS Mwangi Kiunjuri (pictured) has said Deputy President William Ruto is on the verge of quitting the ruling Jubilee Party.

Mr Kiunjuri, a close ally of the DP said his party, The Service Party of Kenya (TSP), will work with Ruto ahead of 2022 polls.

“I am foreseeing a crumbling of Jubilee Party. Ruto will form his own party. TSP will join hands with DP’s new out?t, whether in the next government or the opposition,” Kiunjuri, who was kicked out of the Cabinet, said.

Speaking to a local vernacular radio station, Kiunjuri said that it was only a matter of time before Ruto jumps ship.

This comes as Ruto maintains he would not allow anyone force him out of the party he helped form when his URP and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA parties entered into a coalition agreement in 2013.

Recently, Ruto led a group of Jubilee parliamentarians to open Jubilee Asili Centre to provide an alternative for those termed as radical by Jubilee   leadership.

“Jubilee Party is like the Tower of Babel. People are no longer speaking the same language. Some are shamelessly preaching water and drinking wine. They have forgotten what the party stood for and it will soon collapse,” said Kiunjuri.

He said the next government would be formed through a coalition of parties hence the need for Mt Kenya to strategise how to be part of the next government: “We must be part of the winning coalition.” he said.

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