Sarah Silverman Tells Anti-Vaxxers What They Can Keep In Scathing Compromise

The comic is willing to let them have a few public spaces.

Actor/comic Sarah Silverman, filling in Thursday for Jimmy Kimmel, was amazed that Los Angeles is “leading the charge on rationality” after the city said it would require proof of vaccination for people who want to go to indoor public spaces.

“This is a city where 11% of the residents are life coaches,” she joked on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “I’m not saying life coaches are crazy. I’m just saying crazy people are life coaches.”

Then she took on some anti-vax arguments.

“What’s next with this stuff?” she said. “Before kids can go to school, they’ll have to get a shot for polio and diphtheria. Tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis B. Oh, wait, they already do that.”

But she wasn’t about to take everything away from anti-vaxxers.

In fact, she’s willing to give them a few public spaces of their own.

“I think there should be specific bars that we let the unvaccinated keep,” she said. “Like Dave & Busters. Or Cabo Wabo.”

See her full monologue below:

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