See Carrie Fisher As A ‘Powerful Witch’ In Trailer For Her Magical Last Movie

The “Star Wars” icon’s role in “Wonderwell,” filmed before she died in 2016, is “an extravagant and powerful witch of the forest.”

The trailer for Carrie Fisher’s final movie role was released Friday, nearly seven years after the actor’s death.

“Wonderwell” is a coming-of-age fantasy film that follows a young girl named Violet (Kiera Milward) living in Italy. When Violet wanders into the forest one day and tumbles through a magic portal, she meets Hazel, played by Fisher. The mysterious Hazel is described by the movie’s Instagram as “an extravagant and powerful witch of the forest.”

YouTube video

In the trailer, it’s clear that Hazel’s reputation precedes her.

“Are you the witch?” Violet asks the Fisher’s flame-haired character.

“The witch, or a witch?” Hazel coyly replies.

The movie’s release took longer than expected due to Fisher’s 2016 death and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were challenged with COVID lockdowns and, of course, the passing of our wonderful Carrie Fisher,” director Vlad Marsavin said in a statement. “Now is the perfect time to share her magical on-screen moments as Hazel.”

The film, which also stars Rita Ora, is slated for a limited theatrical release on June 23 through AMC. It will also be released digitally.

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