Self-proclaimed ‘Ruracio’ chairman, Trevor Ombija, not getting married soon – Nairobi News

Self-proclaimed chairman of Ruracio and weddings, Trevor Ombija, was on Saturday in the coastal town of Mombasa to accompany his friend for dowry negations.

The Citizen TV news anchor shared on Instagram beautiful pictures from the ceremony which was held at Bahari Beach Hotel.

The photos which Trevor shared showed the bride party and the groom’s men all smiles in colorful African wear.

“As the chairman of all Ruracios, I had to witness my brother taking the big step and in the process launch the #Mombasa chapter. Love always wins,” Trevor captioned the photos.

However, what caught the attention of his colleagues and fans was the part he wrote, “na msiniulize ile swali?”.

But of course his fans and colleagues went on to ask the question he didn’t want to answer.

“Nangoja invite,” his colleague at Citizen TV Victoria Rubadiri wrote.

To this Trevor jokingly responded: “Nitakuwa Chairman kwa yako pia… after you my friend… pia wewe toa jam… haujaona numbers za census?”

“Trevor, usioe,” commented Jamila Mohamed who is also Trevor’s colleague.

“Unaanza ku match Kitenge lini????,” posed syombuaosiany.

“There are still a few days remaining to the end of the year Trevor. Bado uko na siku,” debrah_metto wrote.

To all these questions and many others, Trevor responded:

“Surely, mbona “hamskizi maagizo, maswali chungu nzima!” (Insert Coast accent) “Pilipili isiowasa inakiulia nini” (Insert Luo accent).”

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