Several feared dead in Mwingi Bus accident-Video

A bus belonging to St. Joseph seminary Mwingi school submerges at River Enziu in Mwingi with several people on board. The bus was trying to cross a flooded river when it tipped over the bridge.An amateur video show the events before and during the accident.

Several people are feared drowned after a bus with 30 passengers plunged into River Enziu in Ngune Village, Mwingi Central in Kitui County on Saturday morning.

The 30 are choir members of Mwingi Catholic Church, police said.

The incident occurred at 11am, when the passengers were travelling to Nuu area from Mwingi Town.

Police say the victims were heading for their male colleague’s wedding, when the accident happened.

Mwingi East Sub-County Commander Joseph Yakan told Newszetuthat the driver of the bus attempted to steer the vehicle past a flooded bridge, but the water tides were too strong, consequently sweeping the bus into the river.

Some of the passengers could be seen screaming and raising their hands through the windows as the bus sank gradually.
Yakan said they couldn’t immediately establish how many victims were rescued, or the number of fatalities, if any.
So far, 20 bodies have been retrieved from the bus while ten people have been rescued and rushed to Mwingi Level Four Hospital for emergency treatment.
According to Kitui County Police Commander Leah Kithei, the 51-seater bus belonging to Mwingi Junior Seminary, a Catholic Church- run private school, was ferrying the choir members to Nuu area from Mwingi town to attend a wedding ceremony.

Ms Kithei said police were at the scene to coordinate the rescue efforts which were hampered by the raging waters.

“We are hoping to rescue as many people as we can. Sadly, we have recovered 20 bodies from the scene and 10 survivors rescued alive and rushed to Mwingi Level Four Hospital,” Ms Kithei told Newszetu.

Watched helplessly

A video footage of the tragedy showed the bus being swept away as it crossed the swollen river as people watched helplessly.

 Screams and wailing rent the air as brave young men dived into the water to rescue passengers who were trapped in the sinking bus.

 Among the passengers in the ill-fated bus were members of the bridal party, including a woman, her three children and two grandchildren.

 The identities of those who drowned could not be immediately established but police confirmed that among the dead was Ms Jane Mutua, daughter to the bridegroom and three children.

 The choir members were to perform at the wedding to solemnise the marriage union of the parents of one of the members.

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