Several wounded in suicide attack inside Kabul mosque

A suicide bomber has blown himself up inside a large mosque compound near a high-security diplomatic district in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Tareq Aryan, a spokesman for the interior ministry, told Anadolu Agency the suicide attacker blew his explosives inside a mosque in Wazir Akbar Khan neighbourhood at about 8pm local time (15:30 GMT) on Tuesday.

A loud blast sent shockwaves through the militarised compound, where alarms sounded at various embassies and international offices, sending staff rushing into safe rooms.

“A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a washroom at Wazir Akbar Khan mosque. Initial reports show three people wounded,” he told AFP news agency.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the blast.

The bomber blew himself up in the part of the mosque where worshippers perform ablution before performing the prayers, interior ministry and police officials said.

Last week, ISIL (ISIS) fighters blew up a bus carrying employees of a private news company in Kabul.

One journalist and a technician were killed and six people were injured.

On Monday, seven civilians were killed by a roadside bomb linked to the Taliban in northern Afghanistan, officials said, even as authorities pressed for peace talks with the group.

The blast struck a small truck in Kunduz province carrying a group of labourers in the volatile district of Khan Abad.

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