Sh6b floods kitty to resettle displaced victims

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The government has set aside Sh6.1 billion for restoration of infrastructure damaged by raging floods, State spokesman Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has said.

He said the government will also resettle those displaced by recent adverse weather and those wishing to return home in the coming three months.

On this, he indicated that the State has put measures in place to ensure that that Kenyans displaced and currently residing in camps will get provisions.

“Many of those in camps are reluctant to entirely move from their homes since they own title deeds for the land their homes are built…since disasters are bound to strike anywhere and we cannot prevent these disasters from happening, the most noble thing to do is to facilitate their resettlement should they wish to move back to their homes and lands,” said Mr Oguna.

He was speaking in response to queries on government action following floods that have wreaked havoc across the country.

The prevailing unusual weather condition has, according to meteorologists, been caused by a phenomenon in the Indian Ocean which causes an irregular fluctuation of the sea surface’s temperatures.


The weatherman has warned that these rains will likely persist to the end of December or the first week of the coming year in different regions.

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