She cracks ribs even in the face of a pandemic

In July, a 19-year-old with an infectious laughter stirred debate when she said she would only consider marriage to a man who is willing to pay $4 million (Sh400 million) in bride price.

It was a joke but furrow faced people could not comprehend that and the comments that followed were muggy and varied.

Those willing to stir up the hornets’ nest and keyboard warriors of social media republic are free to seize the moment again with “wisdom”.

We caught up with the young woman at her family home recently.  Angel Elsa “Mpho” Majimbo is a natural comedian. She has been a shining light for millions struggling to stay afloat.

With an average of 250,000 views on Instagram and 50,000 on Twitter, Majimbo’s quirky monologues provide comic relief even during the Covid-19 pandemic.


She first went viral in March after posting a clip on the restrictions meant to contain the pandemic.

“Since corona started, we’ve all been in isolation, and I like, miss no one. Why I’m I missing you? There is no reason for me to miss you. Do I pay your rent? Do I provide food for you? Why are you missing me?” she asks in the video.

The clip went viral in South Africa, where she was nicknamed “Mpho” or “gift” in the Tswana language spoken in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Interestingly, even Kenyans thought she was South African.

“Before I got international recognition, my sole base was South Africa. A majority assumed that I was from that country,” Ms Majimbo said.

So, why didn’t she correct them?

“I let people make assumptions. With so many people on the internet, I can’t keep replying and correcting everyone,” she says.

Well, that truly makes lots of sense.

Sense of humour

“Fans were all over me. I told them to leave me alone but they didn’t so I kept to myself. I still see them. I love my friends. They are amazing and have supported me but I also have to focus on my school and career so I see them less,” she says.

Despite her quirky sense of humour, relatable content and signature laugh which has stolen the hearts of millions around the world, her siblings still know her as Angel.

“For them, everything is normal. They do not realise that things are changing. I remember in April after I got on Comedy Central (some of the videos have been featured on the American-owned cable channel), they were like ‘Oh, okay good for you’, and went on with their business. I couldn’t believe it,” she says.

And what does her mother think about her work?

“When I tell her that I have achieved something, she just says ‘pray, pray, pray, can you go and pray?’ All she wants is for me to stay spiritual,”she says.

Majimbo has partnered with brands like Canadian cosmetics manufacturer MAC to create content aimed at promoting their products.

A second-year journalism student at Strathmore University, she’s thinking about a different career path despite recording and sharing more than 100 videos.

Of all the videos, Majimbo is proud of her first one, which made her go viral.

Greater things

She says she knew she was bound for greater things after the video “but not this way”.

“I’m not exactly shocked that it’s come this far. I’m just glad that I am able to do this at 19. I’ve grown very fast,” she says.

Her dream is more acting and less study.

“I’ll choose what is best for me, what will make me happy at the right time,” she says.

After the $4m bride price joke, has anyone approached her.

She has received marriage proposals from boys as young as 12 to old men, while some have offered money to go on date wither her.

“I won’t apologise for what I said. If you can’t afford it, don’t try. Am I to lower my standards to make you comfortable?” she asks.

Her most recent Instagram post is captioned “You cause peer pressure, please change.” Try figuring that out.

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