Shock over police officer’s careless handling of crime scene evidence – Nairobi News

The National Police Service is facing an online scrutiny over the manner in which one police officer handled crucial exhibits recovered from the scene of a high profile homicide.

This following a widely shared photo on Twitter showing a police officer holding an axe which had reportedly been used to commit murder with his bare hands.

The incident involved the macabre hacking to death in broad daylight of a Moi University student by a deranged man on Tuesday at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

While the gruesome murder of Ivy Wangeci, a sixth-year Medicine student, has left the public in shock, the careless manner in which police officers at the crime scene seemingly handled evidence has equally irked the online community.

Kenyans online voiced their outrage with the way the officer in the photo handled the crucial exhibit.

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