‘Solomon killed Goliath’: Priest apologises, denies receiving money during Sugoi visit

I am old that is why I said that Solomon killed Goliath, Father John Pesa told the media in his Kisumu home on Wednesday.

During Monday’s visit to Deputy President William Ruto’s home in Sugoi, the priest claimed that it’s Solomon who killed Goliath to an extent that the giant fell down with a thud.

Father Pesa who intended to liken Ruto’s imminent victory to how David smashed Goliath slipped and suggested the sling was propelled and unleashed by King Solomon.

“Mimi ni mzee sana..sikumanisha nilivyosema. I am saddened that people thrive in such issues,” he said.

He further claimed that his life was in danger after he visited Ruto.

The clergyman man said since his visit to Sugoi he has been receiving threatening messages and calls with some vowing to take his life.

Head of Holy Ghost Coptic Church in Kisumu Father John Pesa during a press briefing on October 14, 2020.
Head of Holy Ghost Coptic Church in Kisumu Father John Pesa during a press briefing on October 14, 2020. Image: MAURICE ALAL

He said a group of people also went to his church located at Kanyakwar area on the Kisumu-Kakamega road on Tuesday demanding that he gives them money he got from Ruto or they kill him.

“I feel my life is in danger after being threatened,” Pesa said.

The cleric said he has reported the matter to Kondele police station in Kisumu.

Pesa denied receiving money from the DP. “Ruto is a hustler and has no money. He did not give me money,” he added.

However, According to Taifa Leo, the priest claimed that he was only paid Sh10,000 for the summon in Ruto’s home.

He told the publication that he had spent Sh6,000 to fuel his two cars in order to travel to Sugoi all the way from Kisumu county.

“I only remained with Sh4,000 after spending. This is wrong because I have learnt that some Bishops were given more than what I received. This must be condemned because such monies should not be given in a discriminatory manner,” he said.

Pesa, however, said he was ready to die. He was part of the delegation who joined Ruto at his Sugoi home for an interdenominational Church Service presided over by Church Leaders drawn from Nyanza.

The religious leaders were led by Bishop Rev. Eng. Calleb Olali, the Supreme Archbishop of Nomiya Faith Churches; Rt. Rev. Johannes Angela-ACK Bishop Emeritus-Bondo.

Others were Most Rev Julius Amoke- Archbishop, Hera Church;Most Rev. George Gwada,Archbishop New Pentecostal Church;Archbishop Rev. Francis Obala of Fellowship Bible Church;and Rt. Rev. Reuben Odago,Bishop Emeritus Baptist Church, among others.

During the service, Ruto quoted a verse about friendship and unity.

“We must go out of our way to build true bridges of friendship and unity. We must eliminate all social and economic barriers that divide us and always strive to serve all Kenyans without any form of discrimination,” he said.

Ruto further said that he was inspired by a verse in the Bible. He quoted Amos 3:3.

The verse says that “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?”

The DP has had a bumpy ride with President Uhuru Kenyatta since the handshake that happened two years ago.

And if the verse is anything to go by, it might as well be speaking about the relationship between him and the president

The DP’s relentless scouring for 2022 support has put him on a collision course with the President, who says early campaigns disrupt his development agenda.

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