Some UoN comrades suffering in silence as others learn

In a bid to make do in the wake of coronavirus, the University of Nairobi in March asked students to attend their classes online, however it has not been going well and students have now come out to complain about online learning.

However, the online classes seem to be a poorly thought-out solution which has seen hundreds of students unable to access internet while away from the campus.

Poor internet connectivity as well as various other factors have led students to stage a boycott on Twitter, sharing their grievances.

Some comrades have been sharing their arguments pointing out the real obstacles students’ face, in the hopes of attending online classes.

Some have shared their heartbreaking stories to highlight the plight of needy students who are suffering in silence while others continue with their digital education.

While other students live in remote areas and cannot access good internet connection for online learning.

Others come from humble backgrounds and cannot afford smartphones or laptops for digital classes.

Moreover, some families live from hand to mouth and they have to choose between buying data bundles for their child in University and eating.

Additionally, other students do not have electricity in their villages and have to travel long distances for their phones to get charged. This makes it very difficult to attend all online classes everyday.

Other students are scared to defer. They have missed many classes and it’s impossible to catch up with the others. They are contemplating deferring their studies.

UoN director of corporate affairs John Orindi said the institution had turned to online teaching because it was still paying lecturers and other staff.

“We have already trained staff on the programme,” said Mr Orindi.

He said all students will be required to be on email in order to get learning materials.

However, Mr Orindi said those who will be unable to access the Internet will continue with their studies once universities re-open.

Here are some of the grievances they have raised.

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