Sponsors now all over Lady Jay Dee’s hot step-daughter after dad invites them over – Nairobi News

Malkia Karen, the daughter of Lady Jay Dee’s ex-husband, Gardner G Habash, has revealed that ‘sponsors’ have been bugging her ever since her father said that he would wish to see her get married or enter into a relationship with an older man.

Gardner, who is a renowned Tanzanian radio presenter, made the remarks in January during an interview with vlogger Zamaradi Mkitema.


During the interview, Gardner was accompanied by his 25-year-old daughter.

Now Karen says ever since her dad made the sentiments, she has not had peace of mind as her DMs on social media accounts are filled with seductive messages from the sponsors. Some have even been calling her directly.

Karen says she wouldn’t mind dating a rich guy, but he doesn’t have to be a sugar daddy, as her father suggested.

“Ile kauli ya baba ni tofauti kabisa, kuna mtu mwingine anaweza akawa na pesa ila sio babu, sio sugar daddy, mimi siwataki. Kauli baba alisema vile sababu ni mzazi na hawezi kunitakia mabaya,” Karen told Bongo 5.

When he made the controversial remarks, Gardener’s reasoning was very simple. He argued that with his daughter venturing into music, she would need a financially stable man to support her through her newfound path.

The radio presenter stated that he has been bankrolling his daughter as far as her music career is concerned and felt that if she was to find a guy then he should be an older man of means.


The 45-year-old, went on to argue that Karen’s male age mates cannot afford to properly take care of her since they are also just getting started in life, just like her.

Gardner sired Karen, his only child, with another woman before getting into a relationship with Lady Jay Dee.

They married in 2005 but split after 11 years, finalizing their divorce in February 2016.

Lady Jay Dee was instrumental in Karen’s upbringing, playing the step-mother’s role until she was all grown up. Little is known about Karen’s biological mother.

Jay Dee and Gardener didn’t have a child of their own during their marriage.

Karen launched her music career in March 2018 and has so for released a number of singles.

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