Stephen Colbert Answers Trump’s ‘Ominous’ Rhyme With A Scathing Poem Of His Own

The “Late Show” host shreds Trump’s new favorite conspiracy theory in six words.

Stephen Colbert noticed the most “ominous” part of Donald Trump’s statement earlier this week.

It wasn’t when the former president attacked late-night comics such as Colbert, but rather his closing line, which was done in rhyme: “2024 or before!” That’s a nod to a QAnon conspiracy theory that Trump could seize office before the 2024 election ― some even believe it will happen in August of this year ― and it led to a chorus of boos from Colbert’s “Late Show” audience.

Colbert fired back at Trump with a rhyme of his own:

“I think you’re 2021…and done.”

He also broke out his Trump impression, possibly for the very last time.

Check it out in his Wednesday night monologue:  

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