Stephen Colbert Blames Donald Trump For Mask War, Drops Wicked Parachute Barb

Stephen Colbert on Thursday marked the record rise of coronavirus cases in the U.S. by putting the blame squarely on President Donald Trump. (See the video above.)

“Now the obvious way to slow down infections is pretty simple: wearing a mask,” “The Late Show” host said. “But unfortunately putting a piece of cloth on your face has become a culture war, thanks almost entirely to our president.” 

The comedian skewered the president’s claim that a mask is a “double-edged sword” because people fidget with them.

Adopting his Trump voice, Colbert (as the president) cracked: 

“I feel the same way about parachutes. Double-edged sword. Sure, they’ll stop you from hurtling toward the Earth at terminal velocity. But now your little backpack is full of parachute. Where are you gonna put your sandwich? You’re gonna be hungry the whole way down. I blame gravity, which pulls you down toward ― where? ― China.”

The talk show host was just getting started.

Watch above for his take on anti-maskers who are going to “insidious extremes” by displaying fake mask exemption ID cards.

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