Stephen Colbert Brings Down The House With A Vicious 4-Letter Word For Trump

The “Late Show” host used yet another nickname for the former president and the audience loved it.

Stephen Colbert rarely mentions Donald Trump by name on the “Late Show,” instead opting for insulting nicknames sent in by viewers. On Thursday night, however, he used a very basic one and his audience loved it.

Colbert noted that the disastrous “Cyber Symposium” hosted by Trump acolyte and pillow seller Mike Lindell failed to produce any of the promised evidence of election hacking.

“The cyber results are in and Lindell’s own team has announced that they can’t prove his claims that China hacked the election. When asked why they can’t prove it, they said, ‘We were handed a turd,’” Colbert said, referring to an actual quote by one of Lindell’s experts in the conservative newspaper The Washington Times.

Colbert paused a moment, then added: “And the turd lost the election.”

His audience cheered so loudly that they stepped on his next line. So Colbert paused and took a step back to let them finish… and they went on for a while:

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