Stephen Colbert Mocks Right-Wing Meat Freakout Over Literal Fake News

The “Late Show” host even made a mock beer commercial just for Republicans.

Stephen Colbert was more than a little amused by Republicans who spent the weekend working themselves up over a report on Fox News that turned out to be completely false.

Or as Colbert called it, “an unthinkable nightmare in a fake future.”

The right-wing network claimed ― falsely ― that President Joe Biden’s climate plan would cut 90 percent of red meat from the U.S. diet, limiting American eaters to just one burger a month.

On Monday, Fox News had to eat crow instead of beef when they admitted no such plan exists in the Biden administration. Much of the basis for the report, as it turned out, originated in the British tabloid, The Daily Mail.

“So, because of some made-up story in a British rag, a bunch of Republicans got the meat sweats?” Colbert asked. “What the hell do the British know about American food anyway? They put vinegar on their French fries!”

See more below in Monday night’s monologue, including a fake beer commercial just for Republicans. If you’re impatient, the meat part starts about 9 minutes in:

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