Stephen Colbert Salutes Anti-Trump Military Prank By Banging Out Some Epic Dirty Jokes

The “Late Show” host got down and dirty after discovering the prank name hidden in a letter in support of Trump’s election lies.

Stephen Colbert was alarmed by a letter purportedly signed by 120 retired generals and admirals that repeated lies about the 2020 election in support of former President Donald Trump.

“Military guys putting out a letter saying the election was stolen is the kind of thing that happens right before the junta starts buying mirrored sunglasses,” Colbert said on “The Late Show” on Tuesday night.

But then he noticed one of the names on the letter: Rear Adm. Jack Meehoff. That inspired Colbert to whip out some hilariously raunchy jokes:

Colbert ended the bit with a rallying cry for other heroes to come forward to support the letter “with your definitely real names.”

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