Stop excuses and act on your dreams soonest


Stop excuses and act on your dreams soonest

Nothing worth having comes easy. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Daniel was a lazy farmer who did not enjoy working hard in the fields. He spent his days napping under a tree. One day, while he was resting under a tree, a fox came chasing a rabbit. There was a loud THUMP– the rabbit had crashed into the tree and died.

The farmer was pretty sure that the rabbit committed a suicide by hitting itself against the tree. Nevertheless, he picked up the dead rabbit and took it home, frustrating the hell out of the fox. The farmer told his wife to cook the rabbit for dinner. His wife took the fur to the market and sold it. The farmer was so happy with his meal that he thought to himself, “If I could get a rabbit like that every day, I’d never have to work again.”

The next day, the farmer went right back to the tree and waited for another rabbit to commit suicide in a similar way. He saw a few rabbits, but none of them ran into the tree like before. The farmer did not understand why none of the rabbits was hitting themselves against the tree. Anyway too lazy to think about it much, he said to himself “Oh well, there’s always tomorrow, let me get home for a nap and then come back here tomorrow.” Since, he was just waiting for the rabbit to hit a tree and die, he did not give any attention to his field. Weeds grew in his rice field. Soon, the farmer had to be hungry as he ran out of his rice and never caught any other rabbit too.

Nothing worth having comes easy: Life is like an echo, what you send is what gets back to you. Dreams and desires that are worth having come true only when you give it your time and effort. You can’t dream of a beautiful garden by keeping seeds in your hand, you can’t dream of being successful by hoping things come to you in a plate and platter.

Efforts not excuses give results: Excuses will always be there, not opportunities. With time, no one cares about why things cannot happen or why you cannot make things happen. So, if you have been cursing why things are not happening, stop thinking of excuses and start putting effort to make things happen.


Be your strongest at times when you are feeling the weakest: Some efforts may not yield results, and at those times you could feel weak, tired and demotivated. But remember there is always light ahead, so stay strong, believe in yourself and never stop putting effort because there is no history of success of the weak-willed. Do not allow people or situations to discourage you. Stay strong and keep moving.

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