Sudan, US execute historic deal in bid to normalise relations

Sudan and the United States have signed a bilateral agreement to settle pending claims for the African nation’s delisting as a State sponsor of terrorism.

The agreement was signed Friday at the headquarters of the US Department of State, in the presence of US Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs, Tibor Nagy, and the head of the Sudanese negotiating team, Ambassador Muhammad Al-Tom.

It includes details of the settlements between Sudan and the families of the victims, which US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted in his speech to Congress in September, as among three conditions for the release of compensation funds.

Under the agreement, Sudan reiterates that it did not participate in any of these attacks but agrees to address the allegations as part of its efforts to normalise relations with the US.

“Prosperous future”

Upon the signing of the agreement, Minister of Justice Nasredeen Abdulbari, stated: “The Transitional Government greatly regrets that Sudan and its people must pay a significant sum of money to resolve default judgments and claims against the prior regime. This regret is especially acute given these times of economic despair in Sudan.

“But [the] agreement allows Sudan and its people to resolve historical liabilities, restore normal relations with the United States and move forward toward democracy and better economic times. [It] is an investment in a prosperous future for Sudan and its people.”

The Sudanese government previously confirmed that compensation payments have already been paid.

In return, the presumptive judgments and claims against Sudan will be dismissed in American courts and the country’s sovereign immunities restored according to US law. These immunities are enjoyed by countries that have not been designated by the United States as State sponsors of terrorism.

As such, Sudan will not be prosecuted in the future under the cases brought against it in US courts.

Friday’s agreement came after President Trump’s recent executive order to remove Sudan from the list, a historic step in the normalisation of relations between Sudan and the US.

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