Suspected Shabaab militants destroy phone mast in Mandera


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One person is nursing a bullet injury sustained in a crossfire between suspected Al-Shabaab militants and National Police Reservists (NPR) in Kheira Ali village, Bambo Location in Lafey, Mandera County.

Another person, a police reservist, is reported missing after the Tuesday early morning incident.

Wankara MCA Ahmed Gabnan Ali said the only telecommunications mast in the area was completely destroyed in the attack.

“The enemy struck at about 1am and by morning hours gun sounds still rendered the air,” he said.

The injured man was identified as Isaack Abdi Bulle, an Islamic madrasa teacher.

The MCA said bloodstains at the scene indicate more injuries could have been suffered by the militants.

“That area remains very insecure and I call on the national government to ensure the enemy is flashed out before the population census happening this weekend,” he said.

A police report on the incident states that a police reservist is missing after suspected Al-Shabaab militants blew up a Safaricom mast at Jabi.

The whereabouts of the missing NPR officer remain unknown.

“The officer in charge of the area reported a shootout between the Al-Shabaab militants and police reservists before a loud bang was heard from the direction of the telecommunications mast,” reads the report.

Al-Shabaab militants have remained active in most parts of Mandera, especially in towns and settlements that border Somalia.

From these areas, the militants have continued to carry out attacks, mostly targeting security officers, their camps and communication masts.

They also plant explosives along main roads.

On Tuesday last week, the militants attempted attacking a special forces camp in Fino but failed and instead walked into a home shooting to dead a police reservist and his father.

Shared intelligence reports have since indicated that the militants are planning to disrupt the weekend population census by planting explosives on roads and even abduct officials carrying out the exercise.

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