Switch TV presenter Kush Tracey tests positive for Covid-19 – Nairobi News

Switch TV presenter Kush Tracey, real name Teresia Wambua, has tested positive for Covid-19.

This is according to a post the presenter posted on her Instagram page on Monday.

Tracey further revealed that her case of the Coronavirus was asymptomatic.

“Fam? I have tested positive for covid-19 ? we are all susceptible to this virus because it is here with us & it is so real for those who think it’s a joke?-but so far so good?I feel fine-ish at the moment & I thank god & am trusting him to get me through this? be safe coz we can all gerrrit?and you just don’t know how you’ll get it & where you’ll get it from?in regards to work☹️I’ll be off air & work for the next few weeks as I isolate & take care of me,” she posted.

Tracey said she will also share her progress with her fans as she continues with self-isolation.

“?But I will be updating my progress & this experience on my youtube channel link is on my bio?? by doing a weekly vlog on how the week has been, what symptoms am experiencing, what am doing/taking to keep the symptoms at bay & how am fairing?anyone that has been in contact with me has been informed as well? may god see us as a nation??& see the world? through this pandemic?,” she added.

The tv presenter further asked each Kenyan to go for testing if they notice changes on their bodies.

“Please if your body is feeling funny-ish just go for testing if I handled it?you sure will as well?don’t be afraid ?you might be asymptomatic like me at first yet you have already contracted the covid-19 virus & end up putting those that you love at risk?please heed to the government regulations & be smart my people #chezakamawewe ? #covid19 is real ?but the good thing is that we can overcome it -we can recover & we can get better,” Tracey adviced.

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