System protects ‘corruption’ in Judiciary – Willy Mutunga

The system protects corruption in the Judiciary, former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has claimed.

He was responding to a tweet from the LSK president Nelson Havi who tweeted that the society will protect the independence of the Judiciary but hold it accountable.

“It is claimed by the AG that four High Court Judges recommended for appointment are corrupt. Why are they still serving in the High Court? Can we have complaints against them lodged with JSC. Let them go,” he said.

 But in a quick rejoinder, Mutunga said some judges, magistrates, and judicial staff are independent and incorruptible.

“… but the system calls that corruption! The system actually protects corruption in the Judiciary. I believe you know this!,” he said,

During a press briefing on Tuesday, AG Kihara Kariuki hit back at CJ David Maraga saying his public attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta was a shocking move.

Maraga accused the President of disobeying court orders and refusing to appoint 41 judges proposed to him by the Judicial Service Commission.

But Kariuki said Uhuru will not abdicate his role to appoint persons tainted with integrity issues.

“I invite the CJ to focus on reopening of courts and address the backlog, as well as address complaints on delayed cases. There is only one government, Kenyans want public service, not self-service,” he said.

“The Executive is committed to deliver on the Kenyan dream.”

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