‘Table evidence against ODM leaders implicated in Kemsa scandal’

Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi has dared leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto to table evidence linking any ODM leaders to the Kemsa Covid-19 fund scandal or shut up.

Atandi accused the Tanga Tanga brigade of a smear campaign to taint the image of ODM and its party leader Raila Odinga in the yet-to-be-probed scandal.

Speaking to Standard Digital on Sunday, Atandi challenged Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen to name the ODM MPs linked to the Kenya Medical Supply Agency (Kemsa) scandal and attach evidence to that effect for Kenyans to take him seriously.

“It is saddening that even people like Murkomen who is a lawyer, is shouting on Twitter over some ODM leaders being involved, he should name them and table evidence for appropriate action to be taken,” Atandi said.

The outspoken MP defended his colleagues against any wrongdoing, adding that they were being targeted to settle political scores.
“They should stop the smear campaign against ODM and its leaders, let them table evidence for investigation agencies to take up the matter,” he said.

The MP said ODM was restructuring for to take over power come 2022 and has no time to join hecklers in politicizing scandals.

“ODM is a serious party ready to form the government and cannot join jilted politicians in the politicisation of scandals,” he said.

Atandi wondered why the same leaders who were silent in 2016 during the Sh5 billion scandal in the Health ministry are now very loud on graft issues.

“It is the height of hypocrisy for people like Murkomen to now claim to be fighting graft. This is not the first scandal to rock the Ministry of Health, where were they in 2016?” the MP posed.

Dams’ scandal

The legislator challenged DP Ruto allies to first tell Kenyans who among them looted billions meant for Arror and Kimwarer dams before lecturing Kenyans about the Kemsa one.

“If they have joined us in fighting corruption, let them apologise and return to Kenyans the Sh65 billion Arror and Kimwar dams funds,” said the MP.

Atandi told Tanga Tanga leaders to stop playing politics and instead help President Uhuru Kenyatta smoke out cartels in the ministry.

Tanga Tanga leaders’ take

Murkomen and Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah had on Saturday hit out at the Orange party for protecting those who looted Covid-19 funds, adding that some of the party’s leaders were implicated.

“ODM is ferociously defending the leeches who have sucked resources from desperate Covid-19 victims at Kemsa because four senior ODM members are the said ghost “suppliers,” said Murkomen.

Ichung’wah added that some of ODM MPs had been implicated in the Covid-19 scandal that has rocked the country.

Mafya House Scandal = Kemsa heist. Just look at the main players, the same, save for the newly recruited ODM MPs who got just a piece to help with the sanitisation campaign,” said Ichungwah.

ODM through Sifuna had blamed the media for sensationalising scandal before an audit is carried out by the Auditor General’s office to ascertain if indeed there was theft.

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