Take business as a drink and do one sip at a time


Take business as a drink and do one sip at a time

There is no better time than now to get things started. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A young man once set up to travel the world. He had travelled many parts of the world before he landed up in the deserts of the Middle East.

As he was travelling alone, he once got lost in the desert and despite the best efforts, he could not find his way. He was getting tired, weak and anxious as it was already the third day since he lost his way and he now ran out of all the food and water that he had.

With the scorching heat above and below him and no water, he could no longer find the energy to drag himself. To his biggest surprise, he suddenly found a water body which looked like a lake a few hundred metres away. He for a moment did not believe his eyes as he thought what he was seeing is probably just a mirage, so he just ignored and started looking in other directions for some water. But his eyes still went back to look for the lake the other side, so he dragged himself with great difficulty towards the lake.

And to his utter surprise, he saw that it was truly the lake. His joy knew no bounds and he was all set to drink up the entire lake, so as he inched towards the lake he just stood there and was staring at the water.

A passerby was riding on his camel and stopped to get some water himself. Seeing the plight of the young man, he asked what he was doing there without drinking the water from the lake. The young man said, he was dying of thirst but however thirsty he is he was sure he would not be able to finish the water from the lake. The passerby just smiled at him and told him, “Your thirst is to conquer the lake, gulp every drop of water from the lake, but what you need right now is not the entire lake but just a few drops of water. So, before it is too late, take one sip at a time.”


Simply focus: Everything in life does not have to be resolved right now. There is time for everything, so stop trying to do too many things.

Keep it simple and focus on that one big priority. Don’t get overwhelmed. Start, use and do.

When life throws challenges at you, just use the three-point principle. Start wherever you are, use whatever you have and do whatever you can.

There is no better time than now to get things started. Something is better than everything: When you set your target to doing everything, the chances of failure is high.

Instead set smaller goals and targets, start by targeting to achieve something and soon you would realise that the something was everything that you wanted.

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