Teen pleads guilty to assaulting woman to defend wife in “jealousy” brawl – Nairobi News

David Mukuviza admitted to willfully and unlawfully assaulting Jessica Nafula and causing her bodily harm in Kibera on November 17.

Mukuviza’s wife had picked a fight with Nafula’s younger sister and she intervened to separate them before he landed on her with kicks and blows.

Nafula is said to have lost her mobile phone and cash during the ensuing scuffle.

Mukuviza was walking with his wife and as they approached where Nafula makes and sells chapatis his wife accused Nafula’s sister of staring at them jealously and with contempt.

It is then that his wife confronted Nafula’s sister before an all-out fight broke out.

Mukuviza told the court that he only acted to rescue his wife and pleaded for leniency before senior principal magistrate Esther Bhoke.

He said he was the sole breadwinner for his ageing mother, child and wife and appealed to the court for a non-custodial sentence.

The judge convicted him on his own guilty plea and ordered for his social inquiry report to be table in court on December 1 before sentencing him.

The teenager will remain in remand until then.

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