‘That’s A Cult’: Bestselling Author Hits Trump-Supporting Coronavirus Deniers

Crime novelist Don Winslow’s latest video hits both President Donald Trump and those who still support him despite the administration’s botched response to the coronavirus.  And it’s especially harsh toward those who not only back the president but don’t even believe the threat is real.

As Winslow noted, masks are an effective way to cut the transmission of the virus, but they are rarely seen in the crowd at Trump events. Trump himself has seldom worn one and even mocked their usage. 

“Trump voters are more interested in protecting Trump than they are protecting their own families and children,” Winslow’s video said. “That’s not a different political party. That’s a cult.” 

Winslow is the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, but in more recent years has also become an outspoken critic of the president on social media. As the election approaches, he has stepped up his criticism on Twitter and released a series of videos hitting Trump.

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