The beautiful little country full of tropical beaches but with almost no tourists

The often overlooked archipelago packs an oversized punch with pristine beaches, rich culture and few tourists.

The often overlooked Comoros packs an oversized punch with pristine beaches, rich culture and very few tourists.

Comoros is made up of four main islands  – Grande Comore, Mohéli, Anjouan, and Mayotte between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique.

Though often overlooked, the archipelago can more than compete with its Indian Ocean neighbours for tourist attractions.

Despite boasting pristine sandy beaches, clear waters and a wealth of cultural offerings, the islands remain for the time being untouched by mass tourism.

For those seeking raw natural beauty, the islands offer vibrant forests and stunning coral reefs.

Comoros, Africa, True Colour Satellite Image
The Comoros attract an average 25,000 tourists every year (Image: Getty)

The many volcanic peaks that dot the Comoros make the island a mecca for trekkers and climbing.

Visitors who are more inclined to beachside leisure can enjoy miles of tranquil sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters.

Historically, the islands were important trading posts bringing together a mix of African, Arab and French cultures.

The island boast sandy beaches and crystal clear waters (Image: Getty)

This unique history has left the island with a rich culinary heritage with a mix of tasty Creole and Swahili dishes.

But perhaps top of the list of reasons to visit are the extraordinarily low numbers of tourists though the latest data points to this changing.

Last year the Comoros experienced an all-time high of 50,360 tourist arrivals the year before the number stood at 28,800 tourists. Remarkably back in 2020, the island recorded only 7,000 international tourists arriving.

Travel between the islands is tricky with limited ferry infrastructure in Comoros

The island had a record high 50,360 tourists visit last year (Image: Getty)

This leaves flying the best means of hopping from one island to another.

According to Lonely Planet, there are currently two main airlines ABAviation and Inter-Iles Air which run flights between the islands.

To travel to Comoros, flights can be booked through Kenyan Airways, Air Tanzania and Air Madagascar to Prince Said Ibrahim airport on Grande Comore.

According to Lonely Planet, a 45-day visa will set you back €30.

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