The Best Milk And Worst Kinds Of Milk For Lattes, According To Baristas

Whether oat, soy, coconut, nut or classic dairy, not all milk foams the same in coffee. Here’s what you need to know.

After watching YouTube coffee expert James Hoffmann explain how to froth milk about 10 times, I attempted it by myself confidently, only to realize how finicky a frother is. And the milk that goes in it.

Sesame milk turns into a hot puddle, while skim holds what I’ll loosely call microfoam. If you’ve ever tried steaming milk at home, you’ll know that not all milk and dairy-alternative milk (sometimes called mylk) are created equal.

Choose your own latte adventure

“In terms of being able to steam (or froth) any milk alternatives at home, all milk can be frothed to some degree. It depends on the end use,” Jill Hoff, director of coffee and education for Monogram Coffee, told HuffPost. “I personally find that any mylk that has been formulated as a ‘barista blend’ will usually have a better overall texture and taste with coffee, so I would tend to stick with products specifically designed this way.”

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