The Cutest Candleholders That Double As Decor

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These decorative candleholders are just <i>dripping</i> in cuteness.
These decorative candleholders are just dripping in cuteness./HuffPost

From Boy Smells to Byredo and Otherland, there are more direct-to-consumer candles nowadays than just the ol’ Yankee Candles of your youth. With scents like “Kush” and “Girl, You Need to Calm the F Down,” these aren’t your mother’s candles.

Let’s just say: If there’s a scent, you can probably find a candle for it.

Candles are hot right now — when you’re feeling burned out, you might just turn to a candle to take some of the stress off. You could light up a Diptyque or Voluspa when the mood strikes.

It’s not just candles that are seeing an upswing — sales of home fragrances are also up, including diffusers and room sprays. Since lots of us are spending more time in than out, it makes sense that we all want our spaces to smell nice.

Beyond just candles, nowadays you’ll see everything from an actual Marie Antoinette incense holder at Catbird to ashtrays for burning sage at Urban Outfitters.

If you’re well-stocked on candles, you might go for those tapered candles that are more about decorating a room than giving off an odor (most taper candles are unscented anyways).

We wanted to find decorative candleholders for tapers and pillars that’ll double as decor, from this one decorated with lemons to this geometric candelabra.

You can stick a candle (or two or three) in these. Even when they’ll aren’t lit, they’ll be pretty enough to stand out in a room.

Floral Metal Candelabra

This candelabra’s just haunting enough to look like something a character from a Victorian novel would be holding it in the middle of the night. But its floral rims make it just modern enough for us. It can handle five taper candles at once. Find it for $59 at Urban Outfitters. Keep in mind it’s on back order until Oct. 21 — just in time for Halloween at home.

Lemon Taper Holder


Bowl Marble Candlholder

For all the minimalists out there, this candleholder — which is made of marble — won’t clash with your modern aesthetic. And it comes in black, too, if that’s more to your taste. Find it for $165 at Verishop.

Palm Tree Gold Taper Candleholder

Can you feel that breeze? That’s just this palm-shaped candleholder, which will have that little corner of your living room feeling like an island. But you’ll have to make the umbrella drink yourself. Find it for $50 at CB2.

Bunny Williams Star Hurricane Candleholder


Excuse us, this hurricane candleholder got us all starry-eyed. This glass holder has been hand etched with little stars. And the sleeve’s supposed to be easy to take off when you want to switch up your candle choice. Find it for $55 at Ballard Designs.

Crane Taper Holder



This elegant crane taper holder’s sure to make a statement wherever you put it. It’s so eye-catching, you won’t have to crane your neck to see it. Find it for $68 at Anthropologie. Keep in mind it’s on back order until Oct. 1.

Waves Brass Taper Candleholders


Bower Trinity Candleholder


For those looking for something simple, light this way. This candleholder features three marble spheres that’ll look great on a coffee table. Find it for $49 at West Elm.

Bent Bronze Taper Candleholder Set


You won’t be bent out of shape with this one. It can hold four different candles and has a copper finish that looks like a pretty penny. Find it for $39 at Urban Outfitters. Keep in mind that it’s on back order until Sept. 9.

Eline Candleholder


Look, it’s blossoming: This candleholder has blooms that you don’t have to remember to water every day. It can hold six candles and comes in gold and black. There’s even enough space underneath to put a succulent or two. Find it for $63 at Ballard Designs.

Crystal Totem Candlesticks

Stoff Nagel Candleholder

This candleholder’s got a bit of Scandinavian style to it, inspired by one that was originally made in the ’60s. It’s too pretty to pass up — it’ll look perfect on a side table or mantle. Find it for $50 at Jonathan Adler.

Chen & Kai Swirled Candleholders


Much ado about marble: This candleholder comes in black and white, and you definitely can’t miss them in a room. You can pick between a round or a square shape, too. Find it for $25 at West Elm.

Short Berlin Candleholder

This candleholder looks like it’s from the future, but also makes a nod to mod from the ’60s. We’re digging it. It’s made of mixed metals, so you don’t have to choose between gold or silver. Find it for $78 at Jonathan Adler. It comes in medium and tall sizes, too.

Matter Cut Pillar Candleholders


Geo Candelabra

You might do a double take with this graphic candelabra, which looks more like a piece of art than a candleholder. It’s centerpiece-worthy for sure. Find it for $25 at West Elm.

Marcel Mirror Candleholder

There’s no need to reflect: This mirror candleholder will be luxurious looking just about anywhere you place it. Plus, you can always use it as a place holder (when it’s not on fire) for any trinkets. Find it for $45 at West Elm.

Women Votive Candleholder

Plant parents who have terra cotta pots everywhere: Check out this clay candleholder that we figure you’ll love. Find it for $24 at Urban Outfitters. Keep in mind it’s on back order until Sept. 23.

Eve Candleholder


It really is all about Eve, here: You just might get a dose of temptation with this cool candleholder, which features a snake slithering at the bottom. Find it for $78 at Jonathan Adler.

Blue And White Candleholders (Set Of 2)



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