The Trouser Styles Every Woman Needs

I find that always dressing chic in the winter is a little more challenging than other seasons. As temperatures drop, I am more likely to fall into a sort of fashion stupor. This year, I am seeking solace in a particular fashion item – trousers. These are actually incredibly stylish but they also keep you warm when all you want to do is hibernate for the next few weeks. Plus, they are a lot easier to style than one might think! This post is a guide to all different kinds of trousers and how you can style them for the winter.

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Trousers that tend to gather at the ankle have a tapered silhouette. They are almost like a hybrid between skinny and straight-legged pants. I find this style of pants looks universally flattering on everyone – no matter what height or body shape you have – but especially if you’re petite! The key to rocking this type of trouser comes down to the footwear. Since it is gathered at the ankle, it really puts emphasis on your shoes. I find that anything with a little bit of height looks best when paired with a tapered pant.

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Wide Leg

On the other end of the spectrum, wide-legged trousers billow at the bottom. Depending on the pant, they are either fitted at the waist and thigh or generally have a looser fit all throughout. To balance out the heavier bottom half, you can wear a cropped shirt or tuck in whatever top you opt for into the waistband of the pants so the entire look is proportioned out. Again, any footwear option with a heel will pair nicely with your wide leg trousers.

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For an update to the trouser look, try something trendy, such as leather. Hands down, this has been one of my favorite pants options as of lately.

Tailored looks have also been on the rise which ends up translating really well with leather. When shopping for my ideal pair, I like to look for a high-waisted fit, supple faux-leather.

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This trouser option is fitting given the current low temperatures right now. I absolutely love wool pants because of their warmth but also because they are timeless. Wool trousers definitely have a menswear vibe, which again hits on the tailored clothing trend. I love pairing equally classic pieces with these pants, such as a blazer or button up shirt.

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Printed trousers are a girl’s best friend! Many times, we go for a patterned top and keep the bottoms solid. Whereas, this option lets you switch it up a little with the print on the bottom. Famous patterns such as stripes or plaids are always a chic option, or you could swap for something more

trend-focused, like animal print.

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Although one might think joggers were made for lounging, designers have found ways to make them appropriate in the workplace – or for anything else. Details like a belted waist, knots at the ankle, and silky fabrication makes this silhouette feel modern and elevated. Dress it up further with a blouse and pointed toe pumps.

What kind of trousers have you been wearing?

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