Theresa May To Ask For Another Brexit Delay

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday announced she will ask the E.U. for another delay to Brexit beyond April 12 in order to avoid a no-deal exit.

“We will need a further extension of Article 50 – one that is as short as possible and which ends when we pass a deal,” she said. “And we need to be clear what such an extension is for: to ensure we leave in a timely and orderly way.”

Speaking inside No.10 Downing Street, the prime minister said she would invite Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for talks to come up with a plan they could “both stick to.”

May said if a way forward could not be found by the EU Council summit on April 10, then a number of alternative options would be put to a vote in parliament.

And crucially, the PM said the government would abide by whatever option the Commons chose.

That would open the door to a much softer Brexit than what would be palatable to many pro-Brexit Tory MPs.

The decision came following a seven hour cabinet meeting inside No.10.

Last week MPs rejected the withdrawal agreement by 344 votes to 286 – a margin of 58.

MPs today launched a bid to force the government to stop no-deal Brexit by tabling a bill requiring the prime minister to extend the negotiation process beyond April 12.

Last night the Commons failed to unite behind an alternative to May’s plan during a series of so-called “indicative votes” on other options.

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