Thirdway Alliance kicks out Ekuru Aukot

The Thirdway Alliance National Executive Council (NEC) has suspended Ekuru Aukot (pictured) as party leader indefinitely, pending determination of his case.

The party through its Secretary-General Fredrick Okango and Chairman Miruru Waweru wrote: “Ekuru Aukot shall not represent or transact any business on behalf of the party pending determination of the matter by the disciplinary committee.”

Prior to this, party members had raised various concerns on Aukot’s conduct of business.

Some of the issues that warranted his suspension include;

  • Assault on Deputy party leader Dr Angela Mwikali using rude words,
  • Financial impropriety, self-enrichment and lack of transparency and
  • Violating Chapter Six of the Constitution when he defied a court order in a Children case.

Aukot has been directed to appear before the disciplinary committee to answer to queries.

Most recently, the former presidential candidate was dragged into a child maintenance case by a woman who claimed that he deserted them.

Beatrice Kikunga sued Aukot for allegedly being a deadbeat father, claiming they were in a relationship from 2011 to 2018, resulting in the birth of their child in 2017.

“We cohabited since 2011 and were blessed with the child in August 2017. Our relationship was okay until early 2018 when Aukot deserted us and refused to take responsibility for the minor while knowing very well that the child needs basic necessities,” she said.

He has also championed the Punguza Mizigo Bill,  calling for changes in the Constitution. The bill however failed to be endorsed by 24 of 47 counties in October last year.

Other suggested changes included the reduction of ministries, the abolishment of County and regional commissioner posts, and the merger of parastatals with duplicated functions.

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