Tiktok queen Azziad Naisenya lands major TV deal

Azziad Naisenya’s star seems to be shining brighter as she landed herself a major TV gig. The Tiktok queen joined Maisha Magic East as part of the Selina cast. Her debut appearance sparked social media, with many coming out to congratulate her, making her name trend on twitter for the better part of the day.

Azziad uploaded a pic of her on set on Twitter and encouraged youths not to give up on their dreams. She further thanked her fans on Twitter, acknowledging that if not for them, she could not be where she is.

“Talents bring out the greatness. Don’t stop with your talent; nobody knew that today I could be where I am. Once again, thanks, KOT, for your support,” she captioned.


Expected criticism.

As expected, some tweeps started hating on Azziad. However, some fans came out in her defense, among them being kate the actress. According to her, the TikTok queen has worked hard to get herself where she is. Kate further urged tweeps to stop bashing Naisenya but instead wait for their blessings.

“Hii app Inaweza pea mtu depression, you just wake up to hate on a girl that has worked so hard for her spotlight, @AzziadNasenya has been on stage all her school life, the universe has finally conspired in her favor, shut up and wait for yours,” she posted.

Here are some of the tweets.

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