Tom Brady Can’t Keep It Together While Reading Mean Tweets

Like footballs thrown by Tom Brady (allegedly), the quarterback’s ego is getting a little deflated on Thursday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In a new installment of “Mean Tweets” ahead of Brady’s Super Bowl appearance this weekend, Twitter users are out to commit as much unsportsmanlike conduct as possible. And Brady can’t really keep it together, laughing as one post imagines him being dropped into a vat of bacon fat.

Tom Brady getting grilled.
Tom Brady getting grilled./

At this point, the quarterback has surely become accustomed to feeling the heat on Twitter. In a previous “Mean Tweets,” he even fired back, “That’s fucked up,” after one post went after his dog.

That was pretty messed up, but — unlike the NFL — little is apparently out of bounds on Twitter. So check out the promo for the new “Mean Tweets” here:

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