Trevor Noah Burns Rep. Jim Jordan With Scorching Response To His Latest Gripe

“The Daily Show” host makes a not-so-subtle reference to allegations against the Ohio congressman.

Trevor Noah can’t figure out exactly what it is Republicans want.

First, they were angry about mask mandates and now are angry with how those mask mandates are ending.

“This reaction’s a little weird, man,” Noah said on “The Daily Show” on Monday night, adding:

“Because it’s been months ― months ― of Republicans complaining about mask rules, but now they’re upset that the mask rules are being relaxed? What? It’s like Mariah Carey getting mad at you because she got you for Christmas. No, Mariah, you said this was all you wanted.”

But Noah saved his most biting response for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who claimed without evidence that the CDC’s announcement that vaccinated people can remove their masks was based on polling instead of science.

“Well, if Jim Jordan thinks this is a coverup, I trust him because Jim Jordan knows a lot about coverups,” Noah said.

That was a not-so-subtle nod to accusations that Jordan, who was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, knew of molestation allegations against the team’s doctor but did nothing. Although Jordan denies those charges, multiple athletes from his time with the team have since come forward to corroborate the story.

See more in the Monday night “Daily Show” monologue: 

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