Trevor Noah Shreds Trump’s ‘99%’ Of Police Are ‘Great People’ Line

Trevor Noah zinged President Donald Trump on Tuesday for saying nearly all cops are “great people.” (Watch the video above.)

“The Daily Show” host summed up Democratic efforts at police reform, and showed Trump “doubling down” on his support of the police. The president pledged there would be no defunding or dismantling of law enforcement ― measures proposed by critics after brutality incidents at rallies protesting the police killing of George Floyd ― because cops “let us live in peace.”

“Ninety-nine percent of ’em are great, great people,” Trump said.

To which the comedian responded: “Yeah, 99% of all police are great people. And I guess it’s just unlucky that protesters happen to keep meeting with the bad 1% over and over and over again. I guess those guys work a lot of overtime.”

Watch his full monologue above.

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