Truck driver lead suspect in hijacking and theft case

A truck driver who reported the theft of 324 bags of coffee after three men allegedly hijacked his truck is in custody as the key suspect of the crime.

Samuel Kihiu Wangari reported the incident to police on December 31 hours after the crime. According to officers at the DCI in full, Mr Wangari had stopped at Nakuru County’s Kikopey area to get supper after parking and locking the Benz lorry close by.

“On getting back to the vehicle two and a half hours later, he had found three men already in the driver’s cabin, who forcefully took control of the lorry and threw him out a short distance past the Gilgil weighbridge,” read a statement by the DCI.

The DCI detective would later find the abandoned truck with only 10 of the 334 bags about 67 kilometres away along Mai mahiu-Narok road.

Mahiu-Narok road, with only 10 of the 334 bags it was ferrying.

The suspect is being held in custody as investigations around the orchestration of the theft continue.

In a separate incident on January 1, police intercepted a truck carrying unaccustomed alcoholic drinks worth millions of shillings along the Katutu-Kitui road. According to a Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) statement on Facebook, the Isuzu lorry intended to supply different wines and spirits shops across the country.

More recoveries were made on the first day of the year leading to the arrest of two suspects who run wholesale and retail shops.

Inspection of the consignment by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officers found that Gladys Ndanu Mukei and Dickson Wanyoike were trading alcoholic drinks with counterfeit stamps.

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