Twitter shocked by photos of damaged steel doors after holidays – Nairobi News

Pictures of two houses that appear to have been broken into have left Kenyans online scratching their heads, especially on how the buglers were able to gain access to the homes.

One of the photos shared by a tweep who goes by the name Kichuna on Twitter, captures the metal door violently cut out into shreds at the area where the lock is situated.

It paints a picture of people who had all the time to execute their break in. The owner had secured the house well by even making sure the flap that allows someone from outside to get access to the lock inside is padlocked.

“Nairobi thieves don’t give a f****…… These ones weren’t in a hurry,” tweeted @mariakemmy.

It is not known if the picture is a current or old one or where it was taken. Another shows a panel of the steel carefully removed allowing an adult to pass through the hole.

A section of the Kenyans expressed shock over the ingenuity of the thieves.

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