Ugandan Politician Kizza Besigye Placed Under House Arrest

Ugandan politician Dr. Kizza Besigye has been placed under house arrest by Kampala authorities.

Besigye, who is the leader of Ugandan political pressure outfit The People’s Transition Group, is reported to have been waylaid by Ugandan police as he attempted to rally locals to a protest decrying the high cost of living in the President Yoweri Museveni-led nation.

The politician allegedly attempted to leave his home in Kasangati, Central Uganda, en route to the rally, via the main pathway to his residence only to find the road blockaded by armed police men.

Not one to be deterred, Besigye opted to use an alternative route but Ugandan authorities were two steps ahead of him, stopping him in his tracks before dragging him out of his vehicle and returning him to his compound.

Reports say that more officers were soon after deployed to Besigye’s residence to ensure that he did not leave the premises.

Before his arrest, Besigye had called out Museveni’s regime for allegedly tolerating corruption and the embezzlement of funds meant for economic development.

Besigye, a four-time presidential contender, likewise urged the Ugandan administration to downsize Parliament and get rid of Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) whose roles, he says, can be carried out by Chief Administrative officers.

“We now have a cassava republic and a bread republic. We should get this money back so that the cassava republic can get something to eat,” he said.

“The RDCs should go back home and grow cassava so that there can be enough cassava in the market that can be bought by members of cassava republic.”

According to Besigye, Uganda’s economic position is so bad that even police officers are colluding with criminals just to make ends meet.

“Here in Kasangati, some police officers connive with thieves to steal license plates from cars. The people who steal even leave behind their telephone numbers and when you contact them, they ask for Shs100,000. This is how bad the situation is,” he said.

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