Uhuru catches ‘‘Kijana fupi round’ fever – Nairobi News

President Uhuru Kenyatta has excited the online community after jumping on the ‘Kijana fupi round’ bandwagon on Monday.

The hilarious phrase was coined by West Pokot governor John Lonyangapuo in March this year to deride activist Dennis Ruto Kapchok who had questioned why deputy governor Nicholas Atudonyang works from the United States of America.

Mr Kenyatta on Monday burst into laughter as he repeated the phrase during a meet up the governor in Kabarak where he had gone to condole with former President Daniel Moi who has lost his eldest son Jonathan.

Mr Lonyangapuo first made the phrase during a speech in his county.

“Kijana fupi, amenona round, huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi mgongo ni wapi, Mulmulwasi, hana kazi,” said Governor Lonyangapuo.

Since then the phrase has been used by Kenyans to create memes and funny jokes.

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Kenyans on Twitter appeared shocked that President Kenyatta is familiar with the phrase.

“Kumbe rais pia anatazama runinga,” said @IkeOjuok.

“All the factors about his leadership a side, president Uhuru is really really a good man,” wrote @DanOndik.

“Don’t be surprised if Prof. Lonyangapuo forms Mulmulwas political party,” commented @sinba_felix.

“In fact they can win election, coz the number of watu wafupi tumbo round hujui tumbo ni wapi mgongo ni wapi, are many compared to normal creatures,” said @Abdulrahman.

“Rais yuko rada na hizo memes,” stated @Bonzu.

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