Uhuru hints at relaxing curfew rules

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has hinted that he may relax the curfew and the cessation of movement in several counties.

This means the tough conditions Kenyans have come to put up with in the last 49-days could end soon.

Speaking when he unveiled the Sh54 billion economic recovery plan, the President declared that the curfew and the lockdown cannot continue forever and that he will soon a decree of easing the measures.

“I have told health officials and my ministers that they should start telling Kenyans that we cannot be under a curfew or lockdown forever. We cannot keep on tell Kenyans to stay at home, or that they should not tend to their business or even go to work,” the President said when he addressed the nation from State House, Nairobi.


The curfew was also followed by a decree for a cessation of movements into Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale.

On Saturday, the President said the many states are grappling with how to reopen their economies, shattered by the Covid-19 pandemic that has so far claimed more than 300, 000 across the world and slowed down the global economy.

“The only way to get out this situation is to ensure that we open the economy,” he said, insisting that the population must strictly follow the measures and protocols announced by the government to help fight the disease that has infected more than 1,190 Kenyans and with another 50 dead.

“You have an obligation to yourself and others. If we finally make the decision to open, let it be clear that even you don’t comply with the measures and protocols you may end up hurting others,” he said.

“When we open up, the disease will definitely spread. And it will not spread because the government will not done its part but because you will not have complied with the protocols.”

The President declared that once the curfew is lifted, the obligation will shift to the population.

“It will be upon you to ensure that you protect yourself, your loved ones and those you work with,” he said.

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