Upbeat Diani pub with diverse clientele

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Upbeat Diani pub with diverse clientele

A glass of beer. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

They say nights in Diani don’t start until after 11pm. Well, that was before Manyatta club opened.

Like most bars or clubs in Diani it’s got that makuti feel and an open plan. And by 8:30pm last weekend it was already buzzing. There were tons of Nairobi-looking faces, most likely chaps down for seminars or workshops blowing their per diems, just happy to not look at another powerpoint presentation.

There are locals of course, they have that unhurried look. And the local girls in their short dresses and the old white folks with weathered faces, with their leery looks even when they are not leering. Manyatta is a mixed bag and because of this diversity rubbing itself together, it sparks with amazing energy.

The deejay or veejay is the one who holds this place together with great music mixed well. Be advised to buy drinks by the bottle if you are a group and are looking to save.


They don’t have a wide selection of spirits but then again you can’t have everything, can you? Plus, it beats sitting at the hotel bar with those boring looking guest who ask for lemon with their vodka.

Time will fly but you wont notice because who notices time in Diani? Plus, that veejay. I had a wonderful time at this place. I never leave the bar later than midnight but I left at 2am and it felt good. Besides it was my birthday and you are aloud to break one rule on this day. Oh, plus Eliud had already landed on the moon earlier on in the day.

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