Video Of Keke Palmer Urging Armed National Guard To ‘March With Us’ Goes Viral

Actor Keke Palmer urged members of the National Guard to “be the change” and “make history” by marching with her group of protesters during a demonstration in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

“Let the revolution be televised. March beside us and show us that you’re here for us,” the “Hustlers” star told the troops, saying that President Donald Trump was “trying to incite a race war” with his violent rhetoric on the protests that have spread nationwide following the police killing of George Floyd.

The soldiers declined to join the march, saying they had to patrol that area. They offered to walk to the next intersection. Ultimately, they all took a knee following encouragement from another protester.

Palmer commented off-camera it was “not enough for me.”

Video of the exchange, filmed by NBC correspondent Gadi Schwartz, has now garnered more than 16 million views.

Check out the video here:

Palmer reflected on the protests in a separate video that she posted on Instagram, explaining why she felt “overwhelmed” and “confused.”

“At 26, I’m looking out and witnessing a physical revolt and it’s a revolt on a scale that I wasn’t sure I’d ever see,” she said, later adding: “Human beings can only take so much and irrational leadership breeds irrational responses.”

Check out that video here:

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